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Rivas, Nicaragua- Tegucigalpa, Honduras

October 21, 2014

... I finally arrived in Rivas, Nicaragua after dark. One of the cops at a check point just outside of Rivas suggested a "safe" hotel, Hotel Nicaragao. I actually found the hotel in a small side street and settled in. Good thing, I was able to park my bike, once again, in front of my room. Not so good thing, I didn't get positive vibes from this place. Lots of people coming and going. But since it was getting late, I stayed anyways.

I was hungry, so I asked the "manager", where I could eat. He recommended "El Refugio", a restaurant right on Lake Nicaragua, about a 10 minute ride from the hotel, in El Gorge. I arrived, and the place didn't look very inviting. A handful of people sat on white plastic chairs drinking and laughing. Ok, nothing wrong with that. But zero ambiance. No other choice. I sat down on one of the tables, ordered a beer and fried fish. The beer was being delivered by a waitress. A few minutes later, a guy approached me, which I believed, was the manager. He seemed drunk. Lots of bla-bla. He asked me, if I want a girl. "No", I said, " I am hungry". All of a sudden, some lady appeared and sat down at my table. I asked her to leave. She stayed anyways and asked me to buy her beer. I politely declined.

She involved me in some meaningless conversation. All of a sudden, all hell breaks loose. The "manager" dude screamed at a customer, who was sitting a few tables from me with a lady. Not sure, what had developed, but Mr. manager went completely nuts. He started throwing fists and chairs at the customer. The cook stormed from the kitchen and tried to get this crazy dude under control. I didn't wait around much longer, paid for my beer and left the place in a hurry. A dinner show that violently was never my kind of entertainment. Plus, I figured, the fish must've been burned by now. I had just lost interest in this place completely.

After arriving back at my hotel, I fired up my propane burner and cooked myself some leftover pasta and sauce, which I probably should've done in the first place. Delicious, when you are hungry.

The night, however, was not quiet, but uneventful. My bike was still where I had left it, the next morning. I was relieved.

I crossed in to Honduras without issues the following day. Stayed at Hotel America in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, by the airport for the night. A little noisy, but clean, underground parking, free wifi, and hot water for 50 bux. What more could I ask for?