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Guat Day 7 + 8 In Antigua (still)

October 04 + 05, 2014

I initially had intended to stay in Antigua only as long as it took to fix my bike. However, I had neglected to mention a minor detail. Well, back in Belize, I had noticed a small crack at the point where the right Hepko Becker Pannier (or side bag) attaches to the metal rack. This is crucial, because, if the plastic brakes further, the pannier breaks off and bye-bye pannier with all it's contents.

Crack in the box...not good.

Crack in the box...not good.

So, what to do? I googled "HB Panniers", hoping to find a Hepko Becker" distributor in Central America. No such luck. But, I found a company called, Moto Adventure, located in Carson City, NV. They actually had the pannier in stock, half off and could ship to Guatemala City... for a price, off course ( I won't say how much ;-).

My lovely wife, Lori, got the ball rolling and was told, it would take 1-3 days by Global Express to get the box to me. Done deal!!! That was easy. So, I expected the box to arrive no later than Saturday. Saturday came and went, no box. Tracking shows, box is still in San Francisco. Seriously???