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Another one bites the dust.

 Yesterday, I went to check on another GS.  A 2009, 32k miles, in good condition, sweet looking bike. The owner tells me that he hasn't ridden it much. "When was the last oil change done?". " I don't know", he says. "How many owners?". "At least 2"' he replies. The guy is 5'6 ft, small framed. The bike is BIG. Hmmm, maybe he just got the bike to re-sell and make a buck on it? I am thinking.

I take her for a test ride. Bike rides ok. Until I hit the brakes to test them. Hmmm, rear wheel locks up. Bike has ABS. Should not happen. Red light in the dash lights up, indicating ABS failure. I take the bike back and take off. This one is not for me...either.

On may way home, the thought crosses my mind to maybe consider a smaller, lighter bike. Good idea....I'll sleep over it.