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The route...for now.

Starting September 01, 2014

Starting September 01, 2014

During preparations for my trip, I was recently contacted by two riders, who are going South as well.

The first one, Felipe, lives in the Bay Area. He and his girlfriend are riding to Chile on their Yamaha. Sounds cool to me, even though I had planned to ride solo.

The second dude, Bogdan,  lives in LA. Not sure what bike he rides, but he mentioned "German". So I am assuming it's a BMW. He is also headed for Ushuaia and plans to leave the same time I am heading for the border.

So, with all this good news, I am ready to head out tomorrow. Getting more excited by the minute. But, I still have some things to take care off, before I can type "Mexico" in to my GPS.

Stay tuned....