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Finally...the time has come!

I will be taking off toward San Diego in the wee hours. Spending most of the time today meeting some dear friends and loading up my bike (this time it's the real thing). Unfortunately, I had to return the video sunglasses, because it would not record consistently. I was debating whether or not to order a new pair (overnight delivery to San Diego)...but, decided against it.

I had also planned on recording a short video today about my prep before the big day, but my videographer was tight up. And when the light faded, I was still in the garage tinkering with bike and luggage. So, the vid has to wait a bit.

Wifey and I will be taking the scenic route along the coast via PCH/101 to San Diego (around  a 12-hour ride with stops). We will be partying at "Casa Pavone", our good friends from San Diego who good-heartedly open their "garage door" for us and our bikes. Thanks guys!!

Monday morning, wifey will be riding back to the Bay Area. I will continue to San Ysidra, where I will rendezvous with Bogdan and Felipe for the border crossing to Mex.

Okay... there we are, all that's left now is to gas up the bikes and twist the throttles!

Btw, if you like to track my ride, the link "Whereisaxel" on this website is now active.

You can also go directly

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One last thing, a big THANK YOU for the followers who have generously donated so far. It will get me a few extra miles further toward my destination :-)

See you on the road!