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Mex Day 9, Mexico City

September 18, 2014 get an oil change. Nothing more, nothing less. I had in mind to find a BMW Motorrad dealer and get my 20W50 mineral oil changed for synthetic oil along with an oil filter change.

Where to begin. Ok, I had googled "BMW motorcycle dealers Mexico City", and got basically...nada. I had read on the ADVrider forum that a rider had referenced a dealership, Munchen BMW in Santa Fe, on the outskirts of town. That seemed a bit too far for me, since I was staying right in the smack of downtown Mex City.

The hotel I recommend...

The hotel I recommend...

Plan B was to approach the friendly GM of my hotel, Senora Aida Briseno De La Hoz, and ask her for help. After several attempts trying to get in touch with the service department of the closest BMW dealership, her persistancy finally paid off. She scheduled me as a drop-in at IMAGEN BMW for a service. Muchas Gracias, Senora!

The BMW dealership I recommend...

The BMW dealership I recommend...

Upon arrival, I spoke to the service manager, Edgar Gutierzez. Well, actually, I "attempted" to speak with him. The language barrier made it difficult, but thanks to the security guard on duty, Sergio, who spoke fluent English after living in the US for 8 years, we got everything squared away.


My service issues besides the oil change were also a stalling engine (when engine was hot), and the starter had an unusual grinding sound in the morning. In addition, I needed an 2 extra oil filters for down the road. Never know how hard those filter to come by.

Que bueno.

After 4 hours (they had told me 3, but hey, it's Mexico), waiting in the show room of the car sales floor (which was shared with the new bikes), looking at the new metal I don't know how many times, reading the sales brochures ( I think, I read the ink of the pages) and trying desperately to keep my eyes open, I got word:

"Senior, Oil change = yes, 2 filters = no, only one extra filter available, synthetic oil = no, only use mineral oil or synthetic racing oil in Mexico City." Ok, then...

They had run a diagnostic check on the bike, everything checked out. Great! But did they really do a check on the bike?? Well, I demanded a check list, but the items were checked off by hand, not a computer. Do I trust them? Maybe...maybe not.

By the way, the dealer rates are as in the US. So, if you think you wanna come to Mexico City just to get a cheap oil change...think again, amigo.

I gave everybody a wristband, a "gracias" and "hasta luego" and off in to the rush hour traffic , I rode.

It took me a bit longer to get back to the Lombardo Suites, but hey, I made it and retired with a well-deserved, ice cold cerveza....Mission accomplished, a good day!!!