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Baja Day 2, Ejidro Erendira to San Quintin

Sep 2, 2014

... from our campsite near Ejidro Erendira. Bogdan had already taken off the damaged rotor and wanted to ride his bike with just the front brakes, until reaching a dealership in Cabo.

Luckily, we met an American dude, Scott, who runs a local business called Baja Rally. He made a quick phone call to a BMW dealer near San Diego and order a new rotor. The options were, either having the rotor "shipped" by bus to La Paz, or, Bogdan to ride back to Escondido and get the part himself. He opted for the second.  So, off he rode...

What is she putting in my tank???

What is she putting in my tank???

So now, it was just Felipe, his wife and myself. We decided to take a scenic road south along the beach rather than continuing on Hwy 1, which was full heavy traffic, loud and dusty. We turned left....and ended up in deep sand. Somehow, we had missed a road that would've lead us onto packed gravel, according to a local.

In the beginning, our heavy bikes were able to wobble their track through the sand. Our bikes must weigh close to 1000 lbs each, which luggage, fuel and rider. But then, Felipe and his wife went down. I stopped to help them up. Not an easy task to park amyheavy bike a kick stand in fine sand. His bike was up, him and wifey back in the saddle. Off we go. Next, I go down. My right foot gets caught under the pannier. But I am able to free my foot. Now they have to get off their bike to help me....Man by that time, sweat is running down my ass. It's getting hot in this heat.

Felipe crashes a second time. This time, his wife was not on the bike. Lucky, because his leg gets stuck under his pannier, and it takes me a while to get to his bike and help poor Silvana to lift the bike off his foot. His lower leg is bruised and he is in pain, but, not injured...thank Buddha.

I walk back to my bike. And...dig the rear wheel in so deep, that I get off and the bike just stands in the sand. Felipe and company come to my rescue and help me push the bike free. My rotating rear wheel sandblasts his pants to a clear shine.

That procedure repeats itself once more, and when we finally make it out of this sandy mess, we are to exhausted to continue right away.  A water break is desperately needed. After examining the bikes and legs and catch our breathes, we decide to continue on Hwy 1 and overnighted in San Quintin at the Old Mill Hotel.

Room US $16

78 Miles/130 KM in 1.5 hrs

Weather: sunny dry

Mood: tired, but motivated