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Back to work...April, 2016

It's been 2 years exactly that I began my furlough from United Airlines. And 18, since I started my career as a flight attendant.

The time has come, like it or not...back to work!

I accomplished a lot during those 24 month. Moved to Bangkok for a short time to see how "living' in Thailand actually feels opposed to "visiting". While there, planned my motorcycle journey to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, set off on that six month adventure only to find out that I had to return to work 3 month later. I made it to Panama City, Panama, turned around and arrived back in the Bay Area November 01, 2014.

While awaiting my December 1st return-to-work deadline, I "squeezed in" a short desert ride, the LA-Barstow-Vegas rally, which would delay my return to work by another 15 month.

Bad thing, I ended up in the hospital with a broken Tibia, surgery, cast, rehab etc. Sold my 2003 BMW GSA "Big Bertha" for close to what I bought her for. Bikeless for now...

Good thing, I recuperated from my injury in San Mateo, Roatan, Baja and Portugal. In addition, I decided to purchase a 2006 Ford F-350 and a new 37 ft. travel trailer, which I picked up personally in Michigan. Financially, it was well worth the 3000 mile roundtrip.

Happy Camper

Happy Camper


So, here I am...almost back to work. A short 3 day refresher training in Denver, and hopefully a series of good international trips for my May flying schedule to "bolster" my wallet after a 2 year dry spell. 

Long-term goals? Staying healthy...traveling lots...and setting my sights high on soon completing my journey to the end of the world! Very soon...