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The latest, but not the greatest - December , 2014

Roughly a week ago, on a crisp and sunny morning in the Southern California Mojave desert, Big Bertha decided to go down, taking me with her. Hard! I was half a day in to 2 day ride from Palmdale to Las Vegas, when I turned left from paved onto gravel. No big deal. The road went uphill and swooped to the left. Dust. Low visibility. Low speed. Nothing unusual for this kind of ride. Then, all I felt was my rear tire loosing traction. No time to think, no time to react. Suddenly, the bike and I were on the ground...I couldn't move. 

The excruciating pain from my lower left leg shooting in to my brain was hard to swallow. I knew right then, at least one bone had to be in pieces. Boxer Engine vs. Tibia. No match!

This was later confirmed at the ER, Spiral Fracture left Tibia. Surgery on Tuesday followed. Metal plate, 20 screws. Surgeon and Anesthesiologist were cool. Chatted about bikes and cars during the entire surgery. Or was it before?

Man, i really can't remember...